Thursday, 25 February 2016

Right time to get Political

To be informed nowadays is difficult.

WHAT? you have internet, papers, the Television news, Mobile phones why do you think you are not informed?

Let us examine this.


You can find immense amounts of information here. But how do people find this. Wiki? yes Wikipedia is a goto scourse for most lazy students Homework. It is full of errors, not the founders fault but think aboout it. every single entry in this on line encyclopedia was put there by someone with an opinion. Even the most factual pages are subject to corrections and opinions.

Google it. Then you are subject to Googles filters, and they do exist. If google does not like a thing on the web then they delete it from their search engine. FACT.

Newspapers. When reading a newspaper, always keep in mind that they do not sell if they do not pander to the percieved prejudices of their reader targets. And they decide what to put in the paper.And What NOT to put in there.

Facebook, twitter, myspace etc. you anly see the feeds from friends and such, most of who i suspect will have the same political view as you.

It is difficult to get the full picture on anything these days. Witness the furore going on in the UK at the moment on UK Brexit. The Uk will be getting a referendum vote to see if they stay in the EU or exit.

Now I have my views on this, but they are informed by what I see and read and get told. I can not state that the facts I am maing my judgement on are actually the facts, because I get them from the media. And even an old cynic like me knows that I am not getting the truth.

Politicians are teling us different things every day on this. No one is actually putting out the full, uncensored facts. And even those who say they are are tainted by the lies or misdirections they have used in the past.

The best you can do is get the information from many opposing views, judge them by their content, ask "who is telling me this, what are their views, where do they stand politicaly" Then Choose.

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