Thursday, 18 February 2016

Well, here is the first post from the new look at life.
I started this blog as a way of getting my Photography noticed. Then realised that my photography is not that noticable. Then I thought to myself, why limit it to Photography? Well, looking at some other Bloggers It seems that some are very specific to their intrest, some ramble on ( a bit like this) and some just seem to want to entertain. Right, lets try all of this.
Bit of background.
I have recently had a bit of a do with my back, this means I have been trying to get back to work, trying to get treatment , and basicaly realising that this country has a few problems. It has started turning me in to a right old Git, and I thought, This is not me. Turns out, this is me.
When did this happen? Its not that long ago I was laid back, Friendly. Willing to let things slide for an easy life. Is it some form of evolutionary switch? Do we all turn in to crotchety old fuddy duddies after a certain age? I will be looking at Cardigans as a valid clothing choice next!

SO lets get todays GRUMP of and running.


Marvelous invention, the idea that you can be in touch with loved ones and buisness at any time of day or night when needed. No more hoping to catch people at home or in the office. Emergency calls at your fingertips. They really were a good idea.

Gone Wrong.

When was it that we started to become Mobile Zombies? Who decided that this little box would hold all your life. We needed, (well when I say needed I mean wanted), something to make phone calls on, and with the extra bandwidth, maybe, text messages. What we have now is a little box that constantly demands attention no matter what we are doing or where we are, and it is as if it has found that swich that Babies have access to, we do not seem to be able to ignore it. It makes us feel guilty if we miss a call. It beeps, buzzes or plays music to us to get our attention to the fact htat there are lives availale on a game. For some of us, finding the actual button to make or answer a call has been hidden, the sound has taken a back seat to the screen.

And the number of people who walk through life with their head down, looking at the screen, not here they are going! How many times have I had to get out of the way of some idiot, lost to the world, walking along a street oblivious to their surroundings? The ones in the supermarket, looking in to space as they talk on the phone. We all hate the ones who think they have the right to hold a loud conversation on a bus, in a pub, in a restaurant, on the train. At one time if you saw someone walking head down Mumbling to themselves you would have thought them a Nutter. Nowadays its probably someone on the phone to someone. Not that much difference really when you think about it.

They are an addiction. They are as dangerous as other addictions. If you think i am exagerating try going without yours for a day or so and see when the anxiety starts.

Grump of the day Complete.


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