Thursday, 31 March 2016

Good Day
A little wake up call, or a rant of Paranoia?

Most of us go through the world in a fog, keeping our heads down, trying our best to get along. The daily Struggle to make ends meet, we look forward to the rare times of freedom and entertainment we can get.

But are we that free?

I want you to try something. Ask yourself, when was the last time I looked out? Out of what? Out of your life. A bit existential? Ok try this, next time you are walking in the street, find a place away from the movement of people, and Look up, Up at the facade of the buildings around you, At the Upper stories of the shops or houses, then keep looking up, how much of the sky can you see, have you noticed the clouds? When was the last time you sat in a park, or on a beach, or just Looked at the world around you?

If we are not carefull, our world shrinks down to the immediate. Family, friends, house, computer screen, car. And there is another thing, in the car, I bet you have a favourite radio station, or your MP3 player on, or some other noise in the background. People talk to you when you are driving, yes? How much of the drive to work this morning can you actually remember? Were there Dogs on the pavement?(or sidewalk). Are the trees in bloom, or not?

People who ride bikes see more, Motor or peddle. But even then it is survival orientated to a degree.

Try this some time.

Find a park bench. Or a seat on a tree stump, or anywhere in a clear space with trees. Even on a beach or harbour wall. Try to put the daily worries to one side. Then push out with your thoughts, by this i mean open them. Think, You are sat in a place that will be there when all your worries, your striving, your rushing around, is done. You are on a small world, one that was here well before you and will be well after. What you can see is not even 1/10,000th of the total to be seen on this small world. Those clouds, here today, gone tommorrow. That smell, that odour of outside, gone in a moment. The sound of the waves on the shore. This world circles a small star, the star circles a Galaxy with millions of stars, the galaxy is one of millions. out there is infinity. You can get lost in it.

Once you have done this a few times, you will find you are looking at the world in a different way. They say , and they are right, that photographers and painters see a different world. Painters do, because they have to think about colour, How the light impacts the world, the arrangement of shapes and shadows. Photographers have to see the way in which each element of the view interacts with everything else.

The word is a wonderfull, scary, funny, sad, wonderfull place that we walk through in a daze. WAKE UP.

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