Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hello Echoing silence.

Todays Grump.

Politicaly Incorrect.

Sorry if this one offends anyone. I know this blog is mainly going out to the echoing silence of my self absorbtion, but hey. Its a good way to vent.

Politicaly Correct. The way that nowadays the utterances of anyone can cause offence , and this is treated as a crime. Hold on, since when did it become the responsibility of anyone to hold a poll around the audience before they express their opinion? Ok so a lot of statements are offensive. I for one would quite happily argue that anyone extorting violence to another because of race, creed, or belief, this is offensive. But hold on, that statement itself can be seen as offensive to some who demand the right to denegrate others. See where this is going? No? Ok lets examine this:-

If you hold a stand on any subject, you can absolutely guarantee there will be someone out there who holds the oposite view. (in my case I can usualy find her sat in the front room). So what ever you say, will offend them. This is called discourse, or conversation, in extreme case it is Argument. But nowadays those who do not even want to listen to the oposing viewjust trot out "that offends me". At which stage they think that they have claimed the moral high ground. Nope, all they have claimed is the intellectual low ground. They are saying "that statement is against what I believe but I cant be bothered to argue this fact, so I will get affronted and expect you to change your ways to comply with mine. Do it , Do it now, Dont say anything else but sorry, Dont even breath untill you comply". Then if this does not work, play the racist card, There is bound to be some way you can chuck that in, If the person causing the so called offence is White, male and anywhere between 12 and 80 you cant be wrong.

That offends me,HA. My answer is usually " your attitude of offence is an offence to my sensibilities, you offend me, what are you going to do about it?" Best way to start an argument I have found yet. Not that it works, these are usually the type of person who just starts talking and shouting and talking over the top of anything you want to say untill you go away. You see they do not want you changing their mind, they do not really want to change yours. All they want is the world to be how they see it, and everyone to do as they are told.

I am sorry, I relly , really set off in this Grump blog to try be ironic, put a bit of humour in. But hey, this may happen when I get the worst of my Grumps out of the way.

Oh, and I WILL find that bloody spellcheck eventually.

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