Monday, 22 February 2016

Hello Silence

Today is a bit of a ramble. No Grump.

I have seen the beauty of a sunrise over the oceans of the world. I have swam in all the oceans and most of the seas, apart from arctic and antarctic.

I have seen the Northern lights, and the Phosphorescent waves. I have seen the Persian gulf , at night, lit up with Phosporescence so marvelous, you could see the wakes of ships, the trails of Dophins and whales, the movement of Fish.

The silence of the Wilderness, the rustle of wind in leaves of a forest. The look in a mothers eyes as she cradles her child.

All these wonders, all this beauty.

And the uglyness of Fighting, beggers on streets, people so poor they live in tin shacks, sometimes next to mansions. I have been driven to tears at the sight of slums, yet at the same time I have seen a man emerge from a hovel, wearing a freshly pressed shirt, tie, and looking smart. Human endurance sometimes amazes me.

We look at the things that anger us in our lives, the things that irritate and make us protest. Most of us are raging against the indifference of others. Yet, we miss our own indifference to the suffering under our noses.

Get some perspective on life. Really, I am not insulting you here, I am giving advice.

Where ever you are, what ever your problem, however much the world is pushing you down. Find a peacefull spot. In a park, by a river, in the country, by the seaside. Your choice. Sit, or stand. Remove the thoughts that daily get you worried or worked up. Look at the scenery, feel the breeze. Relax for one minute. Really Look at the beauty in your surroundings.

Remember, the more we restrict our own horizons, the smaller we become inside.

I will get back to grumps later in the week.

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