Friday, 19 February 2016

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Seems a little disengenious to be talking about media, on a blog. Just goes to show how insidious the modern 10 second fame had got.

Social Media, such as Facebook and twitter, seems to be keeping you informed, but in reality, because you have chosen your friends and aquaitences, who share your views in the main. All you are getting is reinforcement of your beliefs.

This is why Britains first and Religous intollerants and their like, have such a following on social media. Take a look , a real look at your Facebook news feed, is it news. No its people posting about some ilness, some food, a cat, and anything political is normally reinforcement of what you think you already know. So it is really easy to fall in to the belief that if your feed is full of this sort of information, this must mean almost everyone is sharing your view. Meanwhile out in the real world people are protesting.

It is not just the social media sites. Take a look at your news. I suppose The Daily mail (fail) has just about cornered the market in on line Newspaper replacement. People do not have to hold the paper on the train or buss anymore or wressle with it at the breakfast table, just click and away you go. But really, The Daily Fail. Its Bias is evident in almost all its stories. And most telling when it does NOT report on events, such as the Junior doctors Downing street protest, the Taxi protest. The Protest of Bikes in london that almost brought the capital to a standstill. But Kayne West mouthing off, yep that should keep the masses entertained whilst we help the establishment Screw them again.

People, the Internet is full of truth and crap, and sifting through it is getting harder. WIKI is so full of misinformation and pure WRONG that it should be renamed the encyclopedia of falsehoods and myths.

Get out there, get invlved, walk the countryside, talk to people, observe, dont just sit on the chair, or couch and take in info from the screen. It is a beautifull, scary, wonderous, dangerous, Absorbing world out there. Go find it.

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