Sunday, 3 April 2016

WInge of the day


Earlier I tried to get people to take that step back, and look, watch, or just notice the world around them.
This must be difficult when you are trying to herd children around a shop, admittedly. It seems we spend most of their formative years trying to stop them from killing themselves in inventive ways, then along come the teenage years and we wonder why we put in so much effort. Dont worry some of them turn out ok.

Lets examine the thoughtless actions we all do that we can, perhaps, change.

First of all, I know I have been on about this before, but MOBILE PHONES. Ok, they are a part of our life now, and most people, especially teen girls it seems, would go in to an absolute fit if they were without them for a day. But People, remember, it is not up to other people to get out of your way when you are in your own word. If you must stare at the screen, do it whilst stationary, or sat down out of the way. Not walking across the road, not walking around the shops, and most definately not when on a busy Pavement. And do not give the affronted stare when someone bumps in to you because you were not looking. Mobile phones are NOT to be used for texting whilst driving! Or when leaving a pavement.

On a related matter, When you get of the bus or train, please take a few steps away from the door. Other people want to get off as well and standing in front of the door is bloody anoying. And why is it, that people think that a doorway is an ideal place to stop and have a conversation whilst holding the door open. You ever been in a coffee shop or cafe when someone is doing this, and all the cold air rushes in to cool down your food, or you have just managed to get warm and wham, open door conversation.

Right on a roll now.

Is it that difficult to find a parking place in an empty car park, that you HAVE to park next to the only other car there? A shopping center at evening, plenty of empty places, someone parks so that they can actually get in and out without doing the spinal contortion dance. So what? your car may get lonely?You want to be able to claim on the insurance when their door scratches yours? or maybe you think that they can cuddle up to keep warm?

The we will spread out to take all the eisle in a shop brigade. The store has wide eisles, great lets push out trolley, our pram and granny side by side so no one else can get past. Lets stop and hold a conversation group at the junction of two eisles. I know, we can stand in front of the shelves and give people mucky looks when they want to get something of them.

Full grump mode now,

Seriously people, let us start taking a little responsibility for our own lives and our effect on others. People Pushing the pram out in to the road then Looking is not the correct way to ensure your child survives. When you are the passengerin a car, and the car is at a junction this is not the best time to start asking the driver questions and demanding answers, seriously. Your mobile phone does not have an app for telling you when a car is about to hit you, This app is called common sense and road safety and comes fitted to your BRAIN.

Grump done

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