Monday, 4 April 2016

In America at the moment, they are going through the long drawn out process of presidential Election.
So I thought I might attempt to explain the process, from a British point of view. Please feel free to correct any mistakes, or misconceptions. Because believe me, I have reason to believe I may have got the odd fact or process wrong. After all, it is a tad complicated.
Over in America they are going through the long and painful process of electing a President.
As far as I can tell, it is a complicated way of going about things.
At this stage, Since April of last year,and for the next few months,the people who want to go in to the Oval office have to convince people not to vote for them but to vote for the people who will vote for them, called deligates
 Not to be confused with Congressmen, representatives, or Senetors who are elected officals, or Govenors who are head of States,(litteraly, they decide on Death penalties, they have their respective national guard units etc in all matters really they are mini countries), but delegates to the party Convention. (got that?) so when the media reports that Clinton, Drumph, Saunders etc are doing well in a certain state they are actually saying that they have managed to convince the people who are part of their own political party, to vote for someone who will vote for them.
 With me so far, good, try to keep up.
Next there will be a Republican and Democratic meeting, (seperate, called conventions). where all these delegates (remember the ones they are voting for now), will vote for that parties candidate for presidential election. Apart from in the democratic convention where they have slightly changed the rules and previous presidents and some others get to be called SUPER, and dont have to be voted for to be able to vote. (a slightly non democtratic democracy), And under the rules, they do not have to vote how their district wanted them to vote, but most probably will.

 Right, so they go. and if they can't get a result after the first vote then the candidates are whittled down, and then the deligates are courted by the remaining candidates.
At this stage, over a year in, they have only nominated a candidate to put to the country for their election. Thats right, Nobody has been voted in to office, Just voted in to candidacy.
Once the candidates are chosen, and they have chosen their potential vice president, then the whole country gets to vote again for one of them. State by state.

This is where the Republicans, and the Democrats fight it out.
Now it becomes Republican against Democrat, and it is entirely possible that candidates who won a state in the nomination race can loose the state in the election.
So the next time you are listening to a party political broadcast, a few months before our UK elections. be thankfull that our elections take a few months at most, and not the year and a half that the americans take.
And believe me, there is a real chance that the next choice the Americans Face will be between Donald Trump, and Bernie Saunders. No matter who wins that there will be people in America who call it an Apocoliptic vote.

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