Friday, 8 April 2016

There are times when I truly believe there is someone up there watching over us. And they have a mean, malicious, twisted sense of humour.

 Which Kind of appeals to us bikers.

For the last couple of weeks, on my doctor’s advice, I have been making the application for the Blue Badge. Not PIP, Or any other of the benefits, just the Blue badge to allow me o use the Dasabled parking bays. I have looked at the PIP etc. and have decided I am suffering enough without letting the government numnuts join in……Yet.

So Following the links and getting to the .GOV site of the local council, I started the application process, many times, many, many times, and lo and behold the site kept locking up. 

Now, Thinks I, as I am taking the Missus in to town for a Dental appointment, I will take the chance to go to the Library for assistance, like wot it says on the site.

 (Plonker, I know, Thou shall not believe one word of an official government website)

After hobbling (generous description believe me), to the library from the closest parking place available, I was met by a nice young lady who asked me if I had tried phoning the council. (Did not have the heart to get sarcastic yet so said yes, but haven’t had any joy), she handed me the phone from her desk saying “we have a direct line”, Ok, right, let’s see if this helps.

 Listen to the ring tone, listen, listen, “coroner’s office “comes the dulcet tones at the other end of the phone.

I hang up, Pass the phone back to the deceptively helpful young lady who I now know is a minion of the Devil in disguise, and say “look love, I know I look a bit decrepit today, but I hardly think the Coroner’s office is where I need to be referred to yet, I am actually still moving, all be it slowly!” 

Giving a good impression of looking mortified at her mistake, whilst ther work collegues behind her, adn two elder gentleen in the queue behind me fall about laughing,  she apologises insincerely and offers to escort me to someone who can help, “ok”, thinks I “might help, might not, what’s to loose?”, 

Remember, Plonker.

SO along a corridor, two rest stops later and a lift up a floor I am told to wait while she talks to another woman, much muttering and looking my way (not helped apparently by my looking startled now and again and looking frantically around as they stare at me) then she comes back and tells me that they are not allowed to help me fill in the form! Must be something to do with the leather jacket and sleaveless thinks me.
At this point I give up, thank the young lady, most insincerely, for her “help”, and go home to call the council help line myself, who after a ½ hour wait tell me they are aware of the intermittent fault on their service. Keep trying. SOOOO Glad I am keeping some people gainfully employed.

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