Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Workhouse is Closer.

Today I found articles that scared me. THe first was a short film taken from a BBC report, I do not onow when it was shown, or where, It showed an ex Squadie, homeless and destitute. He fully admitted he was dependent on drink. But he also said he stole drink, not just to get the Drink itself, but to ensure that when he was caught he would have a few days in a nice warm Cell. 

In another Story, reported in a few places, Is the story that the Self employed drivers for the privatised Parcel force. Self employed, but not allowed ot work for anyone else. These people are fined £250 if they are ill and do not provide cover. So they will loose the £200 day rate, be fined £250, costing them £450 to be ill. Apparently they were advised to club together to hire someone to be their cover. So now Employers have in one nice package managed to Underpay their workers, Find a way to reduce their fleet costs, (because the drivers have to provide their own van, tax it, and insure it), avoid paying the new workplace pension, avoid having to pay employers NI costs. And are forcing their "workers" to provide cover. 

Workfare, and starbucks. Starbucks now makes any young applicant for work spend 5 weeks working on Workfare wage, in other words Starbucks do not pay them, we do via the welfare system. At the end of that period they are told if they are good enough to apply for a job, funnily enough there are seldom enough jobs going as the next batch of "applicants" are wiating. Hey they got work experience out of it, not that it helps.

And In todays Budget made things worse. Now Corporations that hire these people get a tax break, but the self employed have to pay more NI. 

People are Dying because of this present Governments policies, Fact. Irrefutable, verifyable FACT. Fact highlighted by the UN. 

Pointing out that Labour started a lot of the policies that this government are refining is a falacy, as we ALL know that the New Labour GOvernment was at heart Tory like in many of its attitudes, playing lip service to Socialist ideals at best. 

So now. I will give an example of how hard it is to survive in the UK.

You are Young, just out of School. Your grades were good enough to get you in to a university, if you want this. Your parents are Just about managing to hold things together , both working in minimum pay jobs. So they are not going to be able to help you much. if at all. Your options are few, give up on the university application, or apply for the student loan. Whilst using the loan to pay for your tuition fees you will also have to find a job to pay for luxuries such as food and shelter. 

After struggling your way through the university course you leave with a degree, or a certificate of education. and find yourself in the Workers trap. "to highly qualified, or Not enough experience". So that job packing shelves may no longer be available. But you can work for ASDA, or tesco, Maybe Starbucks, on workfare. If you get a job with ASDA you may only get enough to ensure you still qualify for welfare top up. Paying off the student loan, nah. Moving out of your parents house. Dream on.

And this is the society we are living in, one where we are repeatedly told we are the 6th largest economy in the world, yet our workers are some of the lowest paid in Europe. Unless that is, you class the Charmen, and upper echelons of big buisness as a worlker, then here you can earn fantasy wages for a few hours work. Up to £650,000 a year for one day a week. ( our ex chancellor).. but then, you have to be born in to that type of stratosphere.

Welcome to the revival of conditions that Charles Dickens would reconise.Welcome to the new world order. Welcome to a Britain so bleak and meek Soldiers of the second world war would Weep. 

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