Sunday, 26 March 2017

Calling the kettle black ( the pot's view)

One of the reasons I started this page is the ridiculous notion that labour has not been a good opposition under Corbyn. That They have been letting the tory government get away with their attacks on the poor and disabled.
Well those people who are making those assertions are, first, showing a lack of understanding of the way majority politics work. And secondly, following the mass media force fed line that the government can do no wrong, and the Labour MPs can do no right.
Then there is the statement that opposition is only coming from the SNP.
This is mainly because of the Young Campaigning MP Mhairi Black. She has proven that a person with Compassionate views can be a force in politics no matter what party you are from. But even here, this well-respected newcomer has found that no matter the value and obvious need of your Bill, the Government majority can talk it out, or vote it out.
Labour is not doing itself any favours. Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and McDonnell the labour party has started to return to its founding principles, a situation that is being fought at every chance by groups funded in part by the same people who fund the Tory party.
There is a lot of talk, no anger, at the moment about the perceived influence and motives behind Momentum. A group that has, from the start, made no effort to hide its views or aims. It supports Jeremy Corbyn, It wants the Grass roots of the party to have influence on decisions, it wants the end of Top Down Dictatorship. It is attacked as Trotsky, Entryist, and far worse. It has almost as many attacks on it as JC himself, with as much journalistic value.
Progress is another group, set up in 1996 to influence the way the Labour party was run, it hardly gets ANY press. Yet it is registered at Company house, it quite openly opposes JC and McD, It supports EVERY candidate that opposes JC, And it is even behind the challenge of the Unite Leader. These are the people that call others Entryist!
Make no mistake in your opinion, there is a battle at the heart of the Labour party. On the one hand are the ones trying to Drag the party towards a Democratic Socialist model, one that has been PROVEN to work in the past and is actually seen as NORMAL in the Scandinavian Countries. And on the other are those looking to drag the party towards the right of centre views that did so well for Blair, Brown and Prescott. These policies and views saw the back of one of the most Entrenched Tory Partys ever, and had many good points for their time. But they are also the policies and attitudes that Lost labour Scotland, that support the tory party in many ways (voting with the cuts to the PIP, voting with the bedroom tax). They then have the utter gall to call out the present leadership for not doing enough to oppose the Tory Party!
You have to be in power, to wield power. So let us call out those who blame the Labour party for the tory mess, let us shout back at these Tory apologists that its their mess, they have to clean it up or move over for those that will. Let us shout down the those who blame the victims for their situation.
And let us push back at the Entryist Red Torys who stole the Labour party from the people and sold it to the companies and business men.

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